What You Get - HBHS Photography

Parents, this section is for you. This program tackles 3 major issues- high school graduation, college credit and readiness, and job experience/career skills.

1) High School - Every class in the program is UC A-G approved so they meet the VPA requirement for graduation.

2) College -  The Photography 2 course is articulated with OCC which means students that receive an A or B in the class can receive UC-transferable  general education units. The Photography 3 class has an articulation agreement with Goldenwest College for another 3 units of transferable credit. Students who submit and pass the AP Studio Art 2-D portfolio can also receive college credit based on the university they attend. Lastly, students are encouraged to co-enroll in at least one online class at GWC during their time at HBHS. While those units won't count toward high school graduation, they are CSU transferable. So students that complete the entire program can earn up to a semester's worth of college credit!

3) Career -  The guiding philosophy behind this program and its curriculum is to prepare students for a successful life after high school no matter where that path may lead them. Transferable skills such as communication, attention to detail, responsibility, purposeful decision-making, and creative collaboration are integral to each course. Students looking for an easy elective should look elsewhere. This is a Career Technical Education (CTE) program dedicated to rigorous curriculum and assignments. Students who complete the program will have a professional quality digital media portfolio and be prepared for entry level jobs in the Digital Media Arts industry by the time they graduate. If you want to be challenged and immerse yourself in creative innovation, then this is the place for you. 

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