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The HBHS Photography program is in the process of developing, in collaboration with the local community colleges, the HBHS PADi Digital Media Arts Certificate for students who complete the required courses. This certificate will provide recognition of competency in a wide variety of digital media including graphic design, photography, web design, video production, and post-processing. Classes do not need to be taken in a specific order but you should register for each class in consultation with Mr. Schwab to make sure you are adequately prepared. If you aren't sure which courses would be best for you, answer the questions at the top of each description to help you decide.

Photography 1- Introduction to Digital Photography (Hybrid Online)
*New Course for 2016-2017

Love taking pictures? Want to learn how to use the world's most popular camera better (Hint: you probably have it in your pocket)? Interested in why sometimes they look great and other times they look terrible?

This class was created to help address the issues surrounding the #1 used camera in the world- the smartphone. You will learn the same basic introductory elements of photography but will have the option in how and when you do so. Assignments are not camera or software specific. You choose the best tool to get the job done. This course is geared toward students with an impacted schedule that are looking to fulfill their UC A-G Visual/Performing Arts requirement. This course will provide all of the fundamental skills and knowledge of an introductory photography class without requiring the use of a DSLR camera. (This course is not part of the DMA certificate pathway). Students will learn about the aesthetics and elements of photography as a communication tool. Students will research important areas of photography, including past and present professionals as well as the history of this artistic medium. 


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*Photography 1- Digital Photography and Design

Do you want to learn how to use or improve your skills with a Digital SLR camera? Do you know or have an interest in the Adobe Creative Cloud Software (Lightroom and/or Photoshop)? Do you see yourself potentially pursuing a career in the Digital Media Arts industry?

Photography 1 serves as the foundational course for students working toward the HBHS PaDi DMA certificate. The course is for the student that has a real interest in Digital Media Arts and plans on taking additional photography classes at HBHS and/or in college. Students will become proficient using a Digital SLR camera as well as basic editing and publishing techniques using the Adobe Creative Cloud software package. The class will focus on photography as a powerful form of communication by focusing on aesthetics, lighting, composition, exposure, post-processing, digital storytelling, and the history of photography. This is a project-based class that stresses collaboration and professional work habits. Students in this class will be encouraged to begin participating in HBHS Photography Club jobs to gain work experience.


View Work from HBHS Photo 1 Students

*Photography 2- Advanced Photography (Photoshop and Publishing)

Do you want to continue to build your photography and design skills? Do you want to gain valuable job skills and make money doing it?

This class is designed to give you real world experience in the industry while you create your own personal brand. Students who complete this class should have a professional level portfolio as well as marketing material that can be used to develop a personal business. This class counts as part of the HBHS DMA PaDi certificate. 


Email Mr. Schwab (nschwab@hbuhsd.edu) if you are interested in taking this course.

*AP Studio Art 2-D- Digital Media (Hybrid Online)

Are you ready to build a professional level portfolio? Do you want to submit your work to get college credit? Are you looking to develop your knowledge of valuable design principles that will help make you a more effective visual communicator? Do you want to take a class in a flexible format that will help prepare you to successfully 

The curriculum is based on the AP Studio Art 2-D Design portfolio so students will have a professional level portfolio they can show to colleges and/or potential employers by the end of the course. Although this course can be taken in any order as part of the program it is seen as the capstone course in which the student submit his/her portfolio to the CollegeBoard in order to receive college credit. This class will meet every 3 weeks after school to introduce new course material and hold class critiques.


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View Work from HBHS AP Studio Art 2-D Here

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