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  • Meet the HBHS Photo Team

Meet the HBHS Photo Team

Kennedi Simons

Head of Specialty Photography

When compared to writing a bio about yourself, photography seems fairly easy.

Kennedi`s Work

Kyle Hardisty


I have been into building Legos ever since I was born and I used this love for Lego to start my interest in photography. I have been photographing Lego since I was in elementary school and I have branched out my style so I have a range of skills when it comes to different types of photography. Check out my Flickr for my pics!

Kyle's Work

Joshua Estrada

Social Media Supervisor

I like to take long exposure pictures, I also enjoy taking portraits, mainly family portraits. Anyways, nice to meet you.

Heather Lucas

Director of marketing

Photography is a rad way of expressing yourself and I found it to be a really unique when it comes to expressing who you are as a person.

Moses Turner

Contest and display

Ever since I was a little kid the number one thing I have always wanted to be was a photographer. Shooting waves and people is what I enjoy to do everyday. I want to make a name for myself in this field and I am always looking for new ways to up my game.

Haley Teeples

Director of Communications

I have officially reached the top of the totem pole of Huntington Beach High School and finally walk the halls as a senior. I have been taking pictures for over a year now and I have grown a real passion for photography due to its ability to capture a precious moment in time. My passion for photography is something I want to share with others through HBHS Photography, and my own business (Teepson Photography) with my wonderful shooting partner, Julia, and together we wish to capture those precious moments for people.

Julia Thompson


I am on the Varsity Volleyball team, statistician for the Boys Varsity Basketball team, and a processor for the HBHS photography department (aka, the person who edits your pictures). I plan on continuing volleyball after graduating high school at Asbury University in Wilmore, Kentucky. By being apart of this photography business and having my own, I've learned to cherish the simple moments in life and do my best to capture them on camera.

Jessica Osmena

Event photographer

My passion for photography started in 2013. I have always wanted to take portraits of my family and/or use my sister as a model. For long exposure photography using light paint, this passion of mine all started when I decided to take Photo 1 last year here in HBHS. Capturing the light trails makes me feel like I'm in a whole different world. I also like going on adventures and take photos of nature.

Amanda Mortilla

Event Photographer

My passion is Photography. I love that you can tell a story just by the emotion or lighting on the person or thing in the photo. My favorite type of phototography is candids because they're very simplistic, but can tell so much just by looking at them.

Joey Theile


My name is Joey and I am a Junior. I found my passion for photography about 4 years ago when I got my first GoPro. My favorite type of photography is aquatic.

Josh Behrens

Web Master

My love for photography spans from landscape to stage and just about everything in between. In general I just love taking pictures. Over the past two years I have worked to combine my love for stage lighting with my love for photography. I now find myself looking though a lens almost everyday and can't image seeing things any other way.

This is strange, there is not a camera in my hand right now, I need to change that.  

Tiana Troilo

Individual Team Photographer

I first started my photography business in 2012, in Arizona. I really enjoy portrait photography. My dream job has always been to be National Geographic Photographer because my two favorite things are traveling and photography. In my opinion, the best part about photography is that it allows you to be yourself without judgement.

Matthew Blokdyk

Sports Photography

I am a sophomore photographer who likes to photos at the beach. I'm on the Junior Varsity baseball team for Huntington and I hope to take some amazing photos this year.

Brenna Donovan

Assistant Studio Photographer

My passion for photography began with my decision to enroll into the HBHS Photography class. I learned new terms and techniques that really motivated me to construct alluring portraiture. Of all types of photography, I find portraiture to be the most interesting to me. I enjoy the art of photography and I hope to design many more beautiful pictures in the future.

Brenna`s Work

HBHS Photo Team Alumni 

Nicholas Trollmann

Executive Director of Studio Photography

Photography has always been a passion of mine. Originally starting off in video production, I have changed my focus to the art of photography. I am extremely interested in aerial and automotive photography.

Nicholas` Work

Sarah Cudahy

Event Photographer

Photography is where I learned to accept failure. That’s what I love about it. It challenges me and encourages me to work hard. I like that it doesn’t always work out the way I want it to. Some of the greatest photographs are the result of mistakes. In photography I can make you see what I want you to see. It’s a passion of mine and the form in which I express myself.

Sarah`s Work

Margaret Dale

Assistant Team Photographer

I enjoy all forms of photography, but I mostly focus on long exposure photography and hope to go to studio photography. I am most likely on the sidelines of events shooting photos. I am currently applying as a photography major at multiple private arts colleges and universities.

Maggie`s Work

Nicholas Payne

Director of Communications

Photography has been part of my family for generations. My grandfather loved it, my dad loved it, and now I love it. Photography is a way to express creativity and share experiences with the world. What I love best about photography is there is a large variety of techniques that can be explored without any end; because of this I welcome any new opportunities in photography.

Nicholas Payne`s work

Elijah Meredith

Executive Director of Marketing

I consider myself an aspiring graphic designer, an amateur photographer, a growing entrepreneur, a decent musician, and an advocate of ALL creativity. In regards to photography, I love mixing mediums of media together to create highly tailored advertisements or atmospheric "pieces". I specialize in graphic design of all kinds; and have done flyers, logos, ads, business cards, product packaging and mockups, and more! Check out my work here.

Matt Carroll

Director of Contests and Promotions

I’ve always had an interest in nature since i was a kid, so once i figured out there was a way to capture the beauty I saw in the world and put it on my wall I was intrigued. I dove more into the world of photo and I developed a love to take pictures of everything instead of just the hikes I went on.

Matt`s Work

James Hernandez

Photography is something that has always interested me ever since I was younger. Then as I got older I actually started getting into photography and that's how I got to where I am today. Photography is my favorite way to express myself and allows me to show other people my everyday life and my point of view on different things.

James` Work


Jared Smith

Event Photographer

I am an 18 year photographer capturing my lifestyle here in Southern California. Whether it's with my friends on a surf trip to some far off beach or down to our local skate spots you'll see me capturing the stoke of surf, skate, adventure and people. 

Jared`s Work

Hunter van Rossum

Web Master

Someone once told me that if I wanted to know what someone fears losing most I should look at what they photograph.  I photograph childhood and nature.  If a picture says a thousand words then I want to tell a story.  I don`t want to create a fake scene with fake emotion I want to capture real pieces of people`s live.  Photography isn't about a pretty picture; art is meant to make people feel something.  Memory fades, but pictures will always remember your story.

Hunter`s Work

Kona Blue

Director of Displays

Photography is one of my favorite ways to express myself and explore new places. With street photography as my favorite form, I get to explore a lot! I love to find places that people look past or forget about and bring them back to life through my work.

Kona`s Work

Emma Winter

Director of Social Media

My passion for photography began when I was a little girl, the moment my parents showed me their variety of antique cameras. The idea of photography has always been a beautiful concept to me. Every photograph represents a timeline of our lives, preserving our most important memories. My main focus in photography is painting with light. By using long exposure, I am able to capture any movement of light, creating an amazingly vivid and colorful image.

Emma`s Work

Kathryn Prizler

Executive Director of Post-Processing

Photography has been a major part of my life for as long as I can remember. I have been taking pictures ever since I was old enough to lift a camera. Photography is a passion of mine and I hope to continue for years to come. I love capturing all forms of photography.

Kathryn`s Work

Chase Clark

Director of Team Photography

I love photography because it is an easy way to express oneself. Photography has helped me be more focused and organized. I am really into taking pictures of cities and fire.

Chase`s Work

Cayley Hebert

Director of Post-Processing

Photography is something I’ve enjoyed ever since I was a little girl. It wasn’t until I moved from Connecticut to California last year that I was able to put my interest for photography to use by learning more and advancing my skills even further. Photography is the only way I am able to express myself and show the world around me in my point of view, enjoy! (:

Cayley`s Work

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