Photography 2/3 - HBHS Photography

Course Description

Photography 2/3 is available to all students who successfully complete Photography 1. Students may skip Photography 1 with instructor permission. Photography 2/3 is articulated with Goldenwest College so students are eligible for 3.0 college units if they earn at least a B in the class. Also, students may concurrently enroll in an online web design class at Goldenwest College to earn an additional 3.0 units of college credit. In May, students are encouraged to submit their portfolio to the AP Studio Art 2-D Design exam to earn college credit. Students will further their understanding and application of the elements of art and principals of design to create original, creative, and communicative photographic works. Advanced cameras, techniques & skills in composition, lighting, and portraiture will be developed. Students will further explore the historical and cultural contributions of photographic masters, past and present. Theories of design will be emphasized through the use of portfolio reviews, development and refinement. Reading and writing assignments will be integrated to expand the student’s knowledge and skills in communicating their vision in the arts. Regular classroom critiques will help students evaluate their own work and the work of others. Career opportunities in the field of photography will also be included as part of the curriculum. All students will be required to maintain a blog that will include class assignments, photographs taken for fun, and inspirational/example images from other photographers. Students will develop a professional level online and print portfolio by the end of the year. After completing this course, each student should possess the skills necessary to obtain an entry level job in the professional photography field.

Course Topics

1) Advanced Camera Modes and their uses

2) High Dynamic Range (HDR)

3) Running a Photo Business- Budgeting & Expenses

4) Low Light & Night Photography

5) RAW Images

6) Advanced Photoshop Techniques

7) File Management and Organization

8) Advanced Printing Techniques (Paper Types, Monitor Calibration, Color Profiles)

9) Digital Restoration

10) Intro Web Design


-All students MUST turn in a Technology Usage Contract, signed by both the student and a parent/guardian before he or she will be able to use classroom equipment.

-Students are to handle all class equipment, (including computers, cameras, lights, etc.) with care. Students misusing school equipment will lose the right to use the equipment and may be removed from the class (See below).

-Cell phones, head phones, I-pods, etc. may be used for classroom assignments only.

-Students are to avoid shooting photos in or near other classrooms so they will not disrupt the teaching and learning of others.

-Students are not permitted to leave the school campus during class time to shoot photos. Students that are found in outside of the designated shooting areas will not be allowed to use class time to take photographs and will have to complete assignments as homework.

-Food and beverages are not permitted in the classroom at any time.

-Class lab time is expected to be spent working on assignments. Students will not be allowed to defer shooting photos, or editing photos until a later time.

-ALL assignments must be turned in on time to receive credit. Assignments that do not meet the requirements may be resubmitted, if originally turned in on time.


Students will pay a $25 material reimbursement fee. Fees are used to cover the cost of photo paper and ink cartridges for the printers. All prints made from such material will become the property of the student for his/her possession and use. Students who are unable to pay the fee should talk to the Mr. Schwab as soon as possible. All checks should be made out to: Huntington Beach High School. Please include your Student ID# on the check.


All students will be allowed access to the equipment needed to successfully complete this course. It is critical that all students abide by the following rules and treat all equipment with extreme care so that all students will continue to have access to high level photographic equipment. The purpose of this agreement is to make sure that both students and parents understand the responsibility and consequences that come along with the privilege to use school equipment. This policy applies to the use of computers, digital cameras, scanners, printers, lighting equipment, and any other technology used as part of the class. All students agree to immediately report any problems or issues with classroom equipment once they begin using it. Failure to do so may result in a student being held responsible for damages made by previous students. Students are responsible for all equipment checked out and/or used for this class.

Computers: Classroom computers are to be used for class assignments only. Games, social networking and other activities are never allowed. Students must log off of the computers after using them. Students must properly eject the SD cards/camera cord before disconnecting from the computer. Do not install any software onto the computers.

Internet: The Internet is to be used only in order to complete class assignments. Students may only visit school appropriate websites with classroom computers.

Cameras: Cameras that are checked out by students must be cared for diligently and remain in the student’s sole possession until returned to the teacher. Students must have a valid school ID at all times before they will be allowed to check out a camera. Lens caps must be securely placed on all lenses at all times, except when be used to take photographs. Students must use the camera strap at all times while handling the camera.

Printers: Students must get teacher approval before printing any images. Proper printing procedures and layouts must be followed in order to avoid wasting paper and/or ink.


Consequences of violations include, but are not limited to any of the following:

-Revocation of technology usage privileges including computers and cameras

-Revocation of Internet access

-Possible removal from class

-School suspension or expulsion

-Financial liability for damaged school property

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