2015-2016 State of the Program - HBHS Photography

We experienced incredible growth during the 2015-2016 school year and really expanded what we do and who we do it for. The students really stepped up and committed themselves to building HBHS Photography to an even bigger and better program. Hopefully, you start seeing some of their work around the city as we have begun partnering with local businesses. We really thank you for all of your support so please take a look at the info and images below to see all of the amazing things that the STUDENTS accomplished this year.

$$$$$$$$$$- Over $17,000 This Year!!!

We surpassed our goal of $15,000 and are currently at $17,100 in revenue for the 2016-2016 school year, giving us the 4th consecutive year of growth. Since the initial investment by the HBHS Foundation 4 years ago, HBHS Photography has earned over $40,000 in student generated work. All of this money goes directly back into the program and its students.

Student Scholarships

This year we were able to more than double the amount of scholarship money given back to our amazing student workers. Over $5,000 was distributed to the advanced classes for students to use to continue their education and continue to build their brand as a professional. 

Expanding Our Product and Client Base

11 Custom Specialty Photos

Looking Forward

1) Growing the Program- Next year we are going to focus on adding another teacher and additional classes to our program to give students the opportunity to receive a full Digital Media Arts and Design program that will prepare students for job opportunities straight out of high school. We are also working closely with Goldenwest College to create a certificate program in which students can earn dual enrollment college credit while still at HBHS.

2) Redesign Our Space- Our district CTE (Career Technical Education) department received a very large grant this year and we are going to use part of that money to give our room a facelift. We don't operate like a traditional class so we don't want to look or feel like one. We are planning on new floors, a lifted ceiling, an upgraded studio and wall design elements that create an innovative and inviting learning environment. Students have already begun designing some visual displays that really show what we are all about when someone walks into the room.

3) Hybrid Online Classes- After 4 LONG years of pushing and prodding, our district will be launching brand new hybrid online courses starting in the Fall. HBHS Photography will offer Photo 1 and AP Photography & Design to students who want to learn in a more flexible and open environment that more closely resembles the demands and responsibilities of post-high school life. We hope this increases the opportunity for more students to challenge themselves in a creative manner while balancing all of the other demands of high school.

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